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The Grimmagination

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In 1812, the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, wrote down over 200 stories to create the library I have kept a watchful eye over until now.

In 2021, the Grimm Brothers 2.0, Larry and Colin, decided to dust off those glorious ancient gems to bring back storytelling through a new type of audio adventure.

Constructed for the modern kiddo of today, our Grimmagination audio story adaptations hold onto the spine of those original timeless tales while bringing a new sense of depth, play and personality to each reading weekly.


We are proud to have teamed up with young artists from the Marwen organization for our illustrations, hip


 musician-composers for our soundscapes, and the best actors around for our narrators. Our classic stories reimagined for the cool kids (that's you 6-9 year olds and the "won't grow-ups"!) invite both the new and experienced reader into a creative world of greater literacy.


Now, don't wait another century and click above to get your Grimmagination blown!


Officially living happily ever after,

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The Grimmster
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